NYC Fatal Auto Accidents Report | Crash Map

Remember that saying “you have to drive for yourself and everyone else”? Well, whoever created that mantra was right. In overpopulated cities, driving safely and defensively can be difficult. New York City is no different. In fact, driving in New York City can be extremely dangerous.

From July of 2012 through 2016, there were over 400 fatalities as a result of auto accidents. Data reports show that the majority of these accidents were caused by driver inattention or distraction. While tailgating and alcohol involvement followed closely behind for the causes of these accidents, distracted driving remained the number one reason for accidents and is still a large problem that faces our society today.

NYC Auto Accident Fatality Statistics

  • 2013: 112 deaths
  • 2014: 109 deaths
  • 2015: 95 deaths
  • 2016: 68 deaths

Causes of Accidents

Accidents happen for many reasons. Depending on the weather, the road can be too slick. A driver could be taking new medication that causes drowsiness. Other times, the driver could be a high school student who recently got a driver license. In the reported accidents, these were the causes for a portion of the 400 plus accidents that had occurred within the past five years.

  • Driver inattention or distraction | 25 deaths
  • Alcohol involvement | 15
  • Tailgating (the driver followed too closely) | 11
  • Driver fell asleep at the wheel | 7
  • Driver inexperience | 5
  • Driving at an unsafe speed | 4
  • Aggressive driving/road rage | 4
  • Outside car distraction | 3
  • Fatigue or drowsiness | 2

Most Dangerous Boroughs for Drivers

Of the five boroughs in New York City, Queens is the most dangerous for driving.There were 176 motorists killed in 155 vehicle accidents.

Brooklyn followed behind and had 91 accident fatalities. The Bronx had 75 fatalities, Staten Island had 38, and Manhattan had the least amount of fatalities of the boroughs, which was 23.

The data also suggested that the most dangerous ZIP code for drivers was 11236 which saw 13 fatalities in the past couple years. The 11236 ZIP in Brooklyn includes the Canarsie neighborhood. Four of the fatalities reported in this ZIP code occurred on Rockaway Pkwy and three on Remsen Ave.

Note: Some of the accident data was not accompanied by location data. Not all accidents could be properly mapped. 

Most Dangerous Intersections

Queens had the highest number of dangerous intersections in which accidents occurred. Queens’ most dangerous intersections are Cypress Avenue and Jackie Robinson Parkway (2 accidents, 2 deaths), Francis Lewis Boulevard and 48th Avenue (2 accidents, 2 deaths), and the most dangerous intersection: Rockaway Boulevard and Brookville Boulevard (3 accidents, 3 deaths).

Brooklyn’s most dangerous intersections are Erskine Street and Gateway Drive (2 accidents, 2 deaths) and Kings Highway and Clarendon Road (2 accidents, 2 deaths).

Accidents aren’t always avoidable, but by the looks of the data report, you can lower your risk of causing an accident by not driving while distracted, avoiding drinking and driving, and pulling over to the side of the road if you feel drowsy.

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