Is Vision Zero Working?

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What started in Sweden as an initiative to reduce road related fatalities and injuries in 1997 has since become a global movement spanning 6 different countries and 14 US cities. Vision Zero places an emphasis on encouraging public dialogue, redesigning dangerous streets, and increasing road safety legislation. New York adopted Vision Zero in 2014 and has been busy attacking a slew of ambitious initiatives.

In the past two years the city has completed over 50 street improvement projects, installed 250 speedbumps, developed a versatile media advertising campaign, and more. The question still remains whether or not all of this extra effort is paying off and it appears for Queens that the answer is yes.

The Boulevard of Death

Queens Boulevard has long been known as one of the most dangerous roads in New York. A combination of several lanes (as many as 14 in certain parts), a thriving commercial scene, and heavy automobile traffic created a recipe for disaster. A total of 22 people were killed in a 2.5 mile stretch of Queens Boulevard between 1980 and 1984. In the early 1990’s Queens Boulevard earned the morbid title ‘Boulevard of Death’ as deaths continued to mount. In 2013 Queens was named the borough of death after 26% of all pedestrian deaths for the year occurred in the borough. A significant portion of the 46 recorded deaths had occurred along Queens Boulevard.

Vision Zero At Work

As part of Vision Zero, Queens Boulevard has received significant attention from city officials. The initiative has even prompted a $100 million redesign slated for 2018 and it seems increased efforts are not in vain. Last year not a single death occurred along Queens Boulevard, which is the lowest fatality count since record keeping began. Queens Boulevard was recently stripped of the Boulevard of Death title which is now held by Hylan Boulevard in Staten Island.

That being said, a significant number of road accidents still occur. A total of 1,669 accidents occurred along the boulevard last year resulting in 390 injuries. Accidents were not evenly distributed along the boulevard. Rather, there were a few intersections that caused more problems than others.

The 3 Worst Queens Boulevard Intersections

Queens Blvd. & Woodhaven Blvd. (80 accidents)

Queens Blvd. & Skillman Ave (65 accidents)

Queens Blvd. & 65 Place (59 accidents)

Queens Boulevard may be the most dangerous road in Queens, but it isn’t the only dangerous road. Northern Boulevard and Astoria Boulevard stand as contenders. Furthermore, cyclists may want to avoid Roosevelt Ave. Last year 414 bicycle accidents occurred on Roosevelt Ave alone. The roads small width and lack of bike lanes create an unsafe environment for bikers. While Vision Zero has greatly improved road safety in Queens, we’re still a long way off from a vision of zero road accidents. Hopefully road improvements will continue in the coming years of the initiative.

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