Recent Settlements and Results

Each case, of course, has unique facts, circumstances and injuries. The following is a representative list of some of the results the Law Offices of Ivan M. Diamond has attained for its clients:

$6.25 MILLION — In this medical malpractice case our client, an asthmatic, did not receive proper treatment at the emergency department of a major NYC hospital causing him to develop a traumatic brain injury.

$2.45 MILLION – Our client, a wheelchair-bound nursing home resident, was seriously burned when he was smoking without supervision.

$1.975 MILLION – In this medical malpractice case, a hospital and gynecologist’s failure to diagnose fetal congenital heart defects led to a newborn’s  developmental delays.

$1.5 MILLION – We obtained this recovery for a construction worker who sustained back and head injuries after being hit by plywood that had fallen from a height.

$1.5 MILLION – We obtained this result for our client who sustained a burst aneurysm.

$1 MILLION – Our office obtained this recovery for an electrical worker who sustained a burn injury.

$862,500.00 – In this wrongful death claim, a woman recovering from surgery was erroneously given insulin instead of her roommate. Although the subject hospital filed for bankruptcy, we were able to obtain a recovery for her Estate and family.

$620,000.00 – Three people suffered various back and neck injuries when the elevator they were riding suddenly stopped. We were able to prove that the building owner as well as the elevator maintenance companies did not properly inspect and maintain the elevator cables prior to the incident.

$425,000.00 – A construction worker was hit by debris while working and sustained a closed head injury. Even though X-rays, Ct-scans and MRI’s of his head and brain were normal, we were able to prove that he nonetheless suffered the effects of a post-concussion syndrome.

$420,000.00 – We obtained this result for a pedestrian who partially fell into an open sidewalk cellar door and sustained an ankle fracture as a result.

$405,000.00 – Our client, a woman who worked for a local bank, received this recovery after we proved that she had been the victim of sexual harassment.

$350,000.00 – A construction worker fell off a ladder while applying paint thinner to the exterior of a building, sustaining an ankle fracture.

$350,000.00 – A woman slipped and fell on freshly painted stairs in her apartment building and sustained various neck and back injuries. We successfully claimed and proved that the owners of the building did not provide her with a safe path to walk.

$320,000.00 – Our client slipped and fell on water in her apartment building lobby sustaining an ankle fracture. We were able to successfully prove that the 1) water was the result of water balloon fights engaged in by children who lived in the apartment building and that 2) the owner and manager of the apartment building knew about these prior water balloon fights but did nothing to address or stop them.

$300,000.00 – Our client, a carpenter, sustained a partial traumatic amputation to the thumb of his non-dominant hand as a result, we claimed, of using a table saw that was not equipped with appropriate guards and safety devices.

$300,000.00 – A woman slipped as she was getting out of her bath due to wall tiles that had fallen into the bathtub. As a result, she sustained various back and neck injuries. We successfully proved that the landlord and manager of the apartment building where she resided knew about loose and falling bathroom tiles prior to her incident yet failed to repair them.

$300,000.00 – Our infant client (the client was under 18 years of age) slipped on water in an apartment building’s stairs that had been mopped by the super, sustaining a leg fracture. We successfully achieved this result by proving that the super had placed warning signs of the mopped floor away from our client’s line of vision.

$225,000.00 – A woman lost her balance and fell while walking to the bathroom from her hospital bed, sustaining knee injuries. We successfully proved that our client was “at risk” for a fall and that the hospital failed to respond to her repeated calls to the nurses’ station to assist her in walking.

$215,000.00 – A woman slipped on water that was leaking from a co-tenant’s air conditioner onto an apartment building’s exterior stairs. Even though the co-tenant was primarily at fault, that tenant had no insurance. However, we were able to successfully prove that the owner of the apartment building knew about the air conditioner’s leak prior to the incident but took no actions to stop the tenant from using the leaking air conditioner.

$175,000.00 – Our client was the victim of a motor vehicle accident where a sanitation sweeper side-swiped her automobile causing her to sustain a knee injury.

*Disclaimer: No fee if no compensation and prior results do not guarantee similar outcomes.