Manhattan Accident Statistics and Crash Map

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Manhattan Accident Statistics 2013

  • Total accidents: 41,559
  • Motorists injured: 3,643
  • Motorist fatalities: 8
  • Pedestrians injured: 2,811
  • Pedestrian fatalities: 29
  • Cyclists injured: 1,130
  • Cyclist fatalities: 2

Manhattan Accident Statistics 2014

  • Total accidents: 41,260
  • Motorists injured: 3,166
  • Motorist fatalities: 5
  • Pedestrians injured: 2,585
  • Pedestrian fatalities: 25
  • Cyclists injured: 1,155
  • Cyclist fatalities: 5

Manhattan Accident Statistics 2015

  • Total accidents: 42,518
  • Motorists injured: 3,051
  • Motorist fatalities: 3
  • Pedestrians injured: 2,287
  • Pedestrian fatalities: 18
  • Cyclists injured: 1,191
  • Cyclist fatalities: 1

Manhattan Accident Statistics 2016

  • Total accidents: 36,765
  • Motorists injured: 3,052
  • Motorist fatalities: 1
  • Pedestrians injured: 2,080
  • Pedestrian fatalities: 29
  • Cyclists injured: 1,100
  • Cyclist fatalities: 3

In May 2015, an 18-year-old woman died and two people suffered injuries when their vehicle crashed and rolled over in Manhattan. The tragedy was just one of the many traffic accidents that caused property damage, injuries and deaths in the borough throughout the year.

Traffic in Manhattan is almost always a nightmare. Construction, parades, protests and other events frequently clog city streets, but vehicle crashes typically cause some of the longest and most-frustrating delays for motorists. They also can result in serious injuries and fatalities.

Our 2015 Manhattan Accident Map helps you spot the Manhattan streets and intersections that are most prone to serious traffic incidents.

Worst Manhattan Intersections

Police reported the highest numbers of accidents in 2015 at these intersections throughout Manhattan:

2nd Avenue and East 59th Street: 132 accidents. Thirteen people, including three cyclists, sustained injuries.

2nd Avenue and East 36th Street: 116 accidents with 10 injuries.

11th Avenue and West 40th Street: 112 accidents with one injury.

8th Avenue and West 42nd Street: 109 accidents with 15 injuries.

Bowery and Delancey Street: 105 accidents with 18 injuries, including four cyclists.

Four of the intersections each had seven pedestrians injured in accidents:

  • 8th Avenue and West 42nd Street.
  • 3rd Avenue and East 57th Street.
  • 9th Avenue and West 42nd Street.
  • 2nd Avenue and East 57th Street.

Many Injured in Vehicle Crashes

For 2015, the intersection of Lenox Avenue and West 125th Street had the highest number of injuries, at 37, with six pedestrians hurt. A total of 61 accidents were reported at the intersection.

In addition, the intersections with the most injuries included:

  • 9th Avenue and West 207th Street: 58 total accidents with 24 injuries, including seven pedestrians.
  • East 125th Street and Lexington Avenue: 66 accidents with 21 injuries, including 13 pedestrians.
  • 6th Avenue and West 23rd Street: 66 accidents with 19 injuries, including three pedestrians.
  • Lenox Avenue and West 145th Street: 47 accidents with 19 injuries, including four pedestrians.

More than 80 intersections in the borough had injury numbers in double digits as the result of vehicle crashes. In addition, two fatalities occurred at 1st Avenue and East 54th Street.

Twenty-two different intersections had one fatality each.

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