Reviews and Testimonials

Mr.Diamond was very helpful and professional with dealing with my case. He did so in a very timely fashion. I was very thankful with the outcome with my case. He kept in touch and me up to date through out the process. His secretary was also professional and involved with my case. This Law Office would definitely be referred to others if necessary. –Mandee P.

I am utterly speechless, staggered, to the extent that I am still dumbfounded and in awe of Mr. Diamonds amazing victory. Mr. Diamond’s task was daunting for he was thoroughly outweighed against a behemoth of an opponent with endless resources and a towering staff of attorneys, paralegals, legal assistants, executive assistants, etc., (a truly unbeatable foe). No other attorney, some of them friends of mine, would even touch my case, and I was dissuaded from pursuing it, however, Mr. Diamond obviously possesses a rare and uncanny insight that cut straight to the point and he rose to the challenge. Furthermore, because Justice rarely prevailed on my behalf I stood at a distance to avoid intermingling my energy/experience with Mr. Diamond’s expertise, and I patiently waited and was overwhelmed when Mr. Diamond’s announced that he reached a dual victory in my one case. Not only did I receive a settlement beyond my expectation, also, at least $100,000.00 in liens against me were waived – I can’t breathe!! There is so much more to be said, but continued delay in expressing my Gratitude just because I can’t find the appropriate words to express that Gratitude and the Magnitude of his Victory, is thoroughly counterproductive – a word that does not reverberate in Mr. Diamonds vocabulary. On behalf of myself, my children, and my family, Mr. Diamond is One in a Million. —Donnell R.

When our family received a call from the nursing home my brother was staying, we had no idea what lay ahead. My brother was burned over 60% of his body from smoking a cigarette without supervision. We were so lucky to find an attorney like Mr. Diamond. Unlike our previous attorney, we found Mr.Diamond to be sensitive to our sense of urgency to resolve this situation. Mr. Diamond always kept us well informed as we went through this process. He was 100% reliable and truly cared about our case which was very important to us.

The one thing that impressed us the most during our first consultation with Mr.Diamond was how knowledgeable he was. He was always professional and confident. We were immediately comfortable with giving him the case.

As it turned out we received a large settlement and can now put it behind us. We’re very grateful to Mr.Diamond for his support and understanding and we would highly recommend him. Not to mention, he was a hell of a nice guy. –The Ortiz Family

Very good. Mr. Diamond is a great lawyer. Will always be thankful he and his assistant entered my life. –Kevin S.

Ivan was on point with everything. I was falsely arrested and he helped me get my case thrown out. He was always on time and let you know what was going on with your case. He was very real about everything. You don’t get too many lawyers like that. It was a really good experience. I was really satisfied. He was easygoing and helped me understand the situation better. He has a great personality. He’s very straight forward. He’s a very understanding person also. He will fight for you Hard. —Kee Kee B.

Ivan is not only a brilliant lawyer, who wins his cases, he takes care of the needs of his clients and is reliable and trustworthy. I highly recommend him! –Kellie J.

Mr Diamond is the best lawyer ever, he took my case when no one would and won big for me. If U want someone to take your case and care about it and U call Mr diamond he’ll get the job done. –Ramon A.

My experience was great. He’s easy to understand and he believed in me. Mr Diamond is very easy to talk to and he believes in his client. He was very thorough on the case. Mr Diamond was offered a settlement but he didn’t feel it was enough. He kept going and won the case in the end. –Raymond N.

I have known Mr. Diamond for about 18 years he had work for my mother a while back and both me and my mom was very satisfied with result of the case. twelve years ago I needed an attorney for my son I could not think of anyone else except Mr Diamond he handle the case in a very professional way because of his services I will forever use him has my attorney and would recommend him to anyone who need a good and trustworthy lawyer. he will look out for your best interest he keep me keep me aware of ups and down in the case he explain to me in details that a young baby could understand never leave me to figure out things for my self he does what I expect from a attorney thank you. –Dennis A.

Mr. Diamond is a great lawyer. I Will always be thankful for him and his assistant they was very nice and took my case and won my case pretty fast. Him or his assistant always got back to me when ever I had any questions about my case I Recommend him to anybody he’s the best I’m glad I chose him and I hope you choose him too. –Erica

Mr. Diamond is a great lawyer. I hired him as my lawyer and he was very pleasant and professional. I would definitely recommend him to anyone who is looking for a lawyer. –Tiffany

Mr. Diamond is a great lawyer who makes sure his client is satisfied. He maintained great communication with me about my case. Thank you for all your help Mr. Diamond!! –Jacqueline

Diamond has been a lawyer of my family for as long as I can remember. He is very professional, responsible, honest, and hard working. He goes above and beyond for his clients. I would recommend Ivan Diamond to anyone, he’s an amazing lawyer. -Yoanna

4 years ago I retained Ivan Diamond for a work injury case. He was extremely competent, reassuring, and patient with me. Guiding and advising me with my case. Ultimately I won my case and received a settlement. He was relentless, thorough and honest with the many questions I had. He was also caring and thoughtful knowing I was now suffering from loss of my eye sight. His honesty and genuine concern for our outcome was remarkable. Even after I won my case, he called to check in on my family. He truly is a gentleman and gifted as an attorney. Very rare in this day and age. –Shateek

I have worked with Ivan Diamond for over 16 years. His attention to detail and care for his clients is second to none. Very few lawyers show this kind of character. I am so confident in his abilities that I refer my own friends and family to him. – Anonymous

As a client it was a great experience working with Mr. Diamond . He was very professional and responsible. I used to call him and talk to him and if he wasn’t there, he’d return my call right away.  Mr. Diamond went above and beyond for me with my case. He is such a great lawyer, the best.
I would highly recommend him to my family and friends. –Mayra

Ivan Diamond did the best job we could have expected. We would recommend him to any of our friends and relatives. That is how we found him, through a referral from a friend. The one thing out of all the things that we really appreciate about Mr. Diamond is that he always tries to get his clients the most compensation that their circumstances call for. Thanks Ivan –Rose