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Did you know that over 37,000 die in car accidents each year? Our city is not immune to this tragedy, which is why we want to share each Borough’s accident statistics from 2013-2016. Be prepared; some of these numbers might be shocking.

Brooklyn Accident Statistics

Brooklyn Accident Statistics 2013

  • Total accidents: 47,017
  • Motorist injuries: 10,230
  • Motorist fatalities: 33
  • Pedestrian injuries: 3,641
  • Pedestrian fatalities: 30
  • Bicycle injuries: 1,539
  • Cyclist fatalities: 4

Brooklyn Accident Statistics 2014

  • Total accidents: 47,754
  • Motorist injuries: 9,484
  • Motorist fatalities: 21
  • Pedestrian injuries: 3,347
  • Pedestrian fatalities: 42
  • Bicycle injuries: 1,409
  • Cyclist fatalities: 4

Brooklyn Accident Statistics 2015

  • Total accidents: 50,840
  • Motorist injuries: 9,164
  • Motorist fatalities: 17
  • Pedestrian injuries: 3,028
  • Pedestrian fatalities: 46
  • Bicycle injuries: 1,513
  • Cyclist fatalities: 4

Brooklyn Accident Statistics 2016

  • Total accidents:47,698
  • Motorist injuries: 9,032
  • Motorist fatalities: 5
  • Pedestrian injuries: 2,943
  • Pedestrian fatalities: 19
  • Bicycle injuries: 1,447
  • Cyclist fatalities: 7

Reckless and distracted driving played a frequent role in Brooklyn accidents in 2015, and a number of those accidents ended in tragedy.

In July, an SUV driver reportedly racing to beat a stoplight smashed into the back of an Uber car not far from the Barclays Center. The at-fault driver then sped from the scene into oncoming traffic, where he struck and killed a bicyclist and seriously injured another individual, witnesses reported.

A teen who was sitting near a coffee cart owned by his father said he ran when the Honda Pilot barreled toward him. Other people also ran screaming from the scene, he said.

In November, a young woman was killed when she was thrown from a car in a crash. The car’s driver, a 19-year-old man who reportedly was driving under the influence, smashed into a Brooklyn highway barrier after losing control of his car. As a result, the car flipped and ejected the young woman, who died soon after. Three back-seat passengers also suffered injuries.

And in December, a 30-year-old art curator walking on a sidewalk with her boyfriend died when an SUV swerved and hit the couple and other pedestrians. The motorist was driving with a suspended license.

Most Dangerous Intersections in Brooklyn

In 2015, accidents occurred at many different dangerous intersections in Brooklyn, killing a total of 72 people, 49 of them pedestrians. In addition, police reported nearly 15,000 injuries to pedestrians, cyclists and motorists.

Which Brooklyn intersections saw the highest numbers of crashes? Erskine Street and Gateway Drive held the unenviable top spot, with 137 accidents that injured 18 people and killed two. Additional intersections with the highest accident totals included:

  • Flatbush Avenue Extension and Tillary Street, 135 accidents and 10 injuries.
  • Flatbush Avenue and Grand Army Plaza, 130 accidents and 33 injuries.
  • Atlantic Avenue and Pennsylvania Avenue, 111 accidents and 28 injuries.
  • Linden Boulevard and Pennsylvania Avenue, 96 accidents and 32 injuries.

Highest Injury Totals

The Brooklyn intersection with the highest number of injuries for 2015 was Clarendon Road and Utica Avenue, where 36 individuals were hurt in 25 vehicle crashes. In addition, these four intersections also were among the five with the most injuries in the borough:

  • 3rd Avenue and 60th Street, 35 injuries and 52 accidents.
  • Atlantic Avenue and Logan Street, 34 injuries and 85 accidents.
  • Flatbush Avenue and Grand Army Plaza, 33 injuries and 130 accidents.
  • Linden Boulevard and Pennsylvania Avenue, 32 injuries and 96 accidents.

Police reported two fatalities each at three different intersections:

  • Erskine Street and Gateway Drive, 137 accidents and 18 injuries.
  • Ashford Street and Linden Boulevard, 25 accidents and 14 injuries.
  • Avenue J and Rockaway Parkway, 17 accidents and nine injuries.

Dozens of intersections each had one fatality as the result of accidents in 2015.

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