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Did you know that over 37,000 persons die in car accidents each year in the United States? An additional two million people suffer injuries in traffic crashes each year.

Even with the extensive public transportation use in New York City, no borough is immune to this tragedy, which is why we want to share each borough’s accident statistics. Awareness of accident prevalence can help prevent accidents, and anyone who suffers injuries in crashes should know their legal rights.

Below is some information regarding Brooklyn traffic accidents from recent years, for which statistics are available. If you would like to discuss your options following an accident and injuries, reach out to a Brooklyn car accident attorney as soon as possible.

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Brooklyn Accident Statistics

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Accidents happen across Brooklyn, as well as across the entire NYC area. The following are some totals of injuries and fatalities to motorists, cyclists, and pedestrians in Brooklyn.

#1. Brooklyn Accident Statistics 2018

  • Total traffic injuries: 19,506
  • Total traffic fatalities: 59
  • Pedestrian Injuries: 3,593
  • Pedestrian Fatalities: 35
  • Cyclist Injuries: 1,725
  • Cyclist Fatalities: 2

#2. Brooklyn Accident Statistics 2017

  • Total traffic injuries: 18,220
  • Total traffic fatalities: 59
  • Pedestrian Injuries: 3,483
  • Pedestrian Fatalities: 28
  • Cyclist Injuries: 1,691
  • Cyclist Fatalities: 10

#3. Brooklyn Accident Statistics 2016

  • Total traffic injuries: 18,838
  • Total traffic fatalities: 51
  • Pedestrian Injuries: 3,549
  • Pedestrian Fatalities: 34
  • Cyclist Injuries: 1,827
  • Cyclist Fatalities: 9

#4. Brooklyn Accident Statistics 2015

  • Total traffic injuries: 16,832
  • Total traffic fatalities: 67
  • Pedestrian Injuries: 3,353
  • Pedestrian Fatalities: 48
  • Cyclist Injuries: 1,652
  • Cyclist Fatalities: 4

#5. Brooklyn Accident Statistics 2014

  • Total traffic injuries: 16,552
  • Total traffic fatalities: 81
  • Pedestrian Injuries: 3,559
  • Pedestrian Fatalities: 48
  • Cyclist Injuries: 1,511
  • Cyclist Fatalities: 6

Reckless and distracted driving played a frequent role in Brooklyn accidents, and a number of those accidents ended in tragedy. If you were one of the many people who suffered injuries in a traffic crash, consult with a Brooklyn car accident attorney as soon as possible.

Most Dangerous Intersections in Brooklyn

Accidents occur at many different dangerous intersections in Brooklyn, killing a total of 72 people – including 49 pedestrians – in a recent year. In addition, police reported nearly 15,000 injuries to pedestrians, cyclists, and motorists in intersection accidents.

Which Brooklyn intersections saw the highest number of crashes? Erskine Street and Gateway Drive held the unenviable top spot, with 137 accidents that injured 18 people and killed two

Additional intersections with the highest accident totals included:

  • Flatbush Avenue Extension and Tillary Street = 135 accidents and ten injuries.
  • Flatbush Avenue and Grand Army Plaza = 130 accidents and 33 injuries.
  • Atlantic Avenue and Pennsylvania Avenue = 111 accidents and 28 injuries.
  • Linden Boulevard and Pennsylvania Avenue = 96 accidents and 32 injuries.​

Highest Injury Totals

The Brooklyn intersection with the highest number of injuries in a recent year was Clarendon Road and Utica Avenue, where 36 individuals suffered injuries in 25 vehicle crashes.

In addition, these four intersections also were among the five with the most injuries in the borough:

  • Third Avenue and 60th Street = 35 injuries and 52 accidents
  • Atlantic Avenue and Logan Street = 34 injuries and 85 accidents
  • Flatbush Avenue and Grand Army Plaza = 33 injuries and 130 accidents
  • Linden Boulevard and Pennsylvania Avenue = 32 injuries and 96 accidents

Police reported two fatalities each at three different intersections:

  • Erskine Street and Gateway Drive = 137 accidents and 18 injuries.
  • Ashford Street and Linden Boulevard = 25 accidents and 14 injuries.
  • Avenue J and Rockaway Parkway = 17 accidents and nine injuries.

Dozens of intersections each had one fatality in accidents that same year. These tragic accidents leave families with devastating losses, and families should learn about their rights to file a possible wrongful death claim.

Get Compensation for Your Injuries

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If you were in an accident in Brooklyn, you may recover compensation for your injuries and damage to your vehicle. By working with an experienced car accident lawyer, you take an important step toward protecting your rights.

Reach out to a car accident law firm today and learn about your rights to possible compensation, including:

  • Medical expenses
  • Lost income
  • Pain and suffering
  • Permanent injuries
  • Wrongful death

Seeking compensation in New York is complicated, as you must file a no-fault claim first, and only victims with enough losses can file at-fault claims. You want an experienced attorney to handle your claim, so schedule a free consultation, contact Diamond Injury Law.

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