2,569 Reasons Why Williamsburg and Manhattan Are The Worst Bridges To Take In Brooklyn

2,569 Reasons Why Williamsburg and Manhattan Are The Worst Bridges To Take In Brooklyn

Zoom in on an area and click the dots in the intersection to learn more about the accidents that occurred at that location

It’s said that New York City is home to well over 2,000 bridges. Bridges connect the various islands and boroughs of New York to one another so residents can effectively get to where they need to be. Brooklyn alone has three bridges to Manhattan, three bridges to Queens, and a bridge to Staten Island. While the bridges themselves are safe, the roads they lie on don’t appear to be in certain cases. New Brooklyn accident data for 2015 reveals that if you’re looking to get to where you need to be without getting into an accident on the way, then there are certain bridges that are better than others.

Danger Lurks Before The Manhattan Bridge

The last of three bridges to Manhattan, The Manhattan Bridge lies on one of the largest streets in Brooklyn, Flatbush Avenue. Last year 1,720 accidents occurred on Flatbush Ave. resulting in 468 injuries and two deaths. More accidents have occurred on Flatbush than some of the busiest roads in other boroughs such as Hyland Boulevard in Staten Island and Queens Boulevard in Queens. Accidents on Flatbush were more likely to occur at intersections near the bridge.

The 3 Most Dangerous Intersections On Flatbush Ave.

Flatbush Ave. & Tillary St. (135 accidents)

Flatbush Ave. & Grand Army Plaza (130 accidents)

Flatbush Ave. & Atlantic Ave. (77 accidents)

The Williamsburg Bridge Isn’t Much Better

The Williamsburg Bridge mainly feeds into two different roads along with the Brooklyn Queens Expressway which have all seen their fair share of accidents in 2015. Broadway was home to 597 accidents which resulted in 272 injuries and two deaths. Similarly, Borinquen Place / Grand St. saw a total of 252 accidents and 94 injuries. Combined, both roads leading to and from the bridge total 849 accidents, 366 injuries, and two deaths.

Broadway & Roebling St. (21 accidents)

Broadway & Havemeyer St. (22 accidents)

Havemeyer St. & South 5th St. (26 accidents)

On the other hand, the Brooklyn Bridge primarily empties into Adams St. / Boerum Place. Adams st. and Boerum Place collectively saw 187 accidents resulting in 54 injuries and zero deaths. Statistically speaking, you’re significantly safer taking the Brooklyn Bridge than you are Williamsburg or Manhattan. While hundreds of vehicles pass over both Williamsburg and Manhattan bridges each and every day, the question becomes whether or not you want to risk adding to the 2,569 accidents or the four deaths.

Accident data has given New Yorkers 2,569 reasons to choose the Brooklyn Bridge over the Manhattan or the Williamsburg. Taking Brooklyn may tack several more minutes onto your commute, but spending a couple more minutes in the car is far better than spending a couple of months in a sling. Check your GPS directions ahead of time and plan the safest route accordingly.

More Accidents Don't Always Mean More Injuries

The intersection of Erskine St and Gateway Drive topped Brooklyn intersections with 137 accidents, the most in 2015. While motorists are more likely to be in an accident at this intersection, they aren't very likely to be injured. Only 18 injuries were reported at the intersection, just over 13% of the accidents. On the other hand, Clarendon Rd and Utica Ave was the site of only 25 accidents in 2015. These 25 accidents resulted in a staggering 35 injuries to motorists and one pedestrian. When considering the most dangerous intersections in Brooklyn, this one should likely be near the top.

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