Looking To Make It Home In One Piece? Avoid Hylan Boulevard

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Originally known as Pennsylvania Avenue, Hylan Boulevard has played an integral role in Staten Island commerce for over a century. Hylan is a major transportation artery stretching from Tottenville to Rosebank along the entire west coast of Staten Island. With four lanes and a 35 mph speed limit, Hylan typically provides one of the fastest routes to travel up and down the island. However, Staten Island residents may want to consider alternative routes the next time they have somewhere to go.

Last year alone 851 accidents occurred on Hylan Boulevard resulting in 294 injuries and  9 deaths. When broken down, that equates to roughly two accidents per day, 24 injuries per month, and slightly over one death every other month. The boulevard’s increasing accident rate has earned it the title of ‘Boulevard of Death’, supplanting Queens Blvd. as the most dangerous road in New York City. Mayor Bill de Blasio has called Hylan, “very, very problematic.”  Nevertheless, accidents aren’t evenly dispersed across Hylan. Select intersections appear to be more prone to crashes than others.

Top 3 Hylan Boulevard Intersections To Avoid

Hylan Blvd. & New Dorp Lane (57 accidents)

Hylan Blvd. & Narrows Road South (46 accidents)

Hylan Blvd. & Quintard St. (36 accidents)

Hylan isn’t the only Staten Island road with a significant number of crashes, but in terms of total crashes, it beats out every other road by a landslide. Richmond Avenue ranks as the second most dangerous road on the Island with a total of 620 crashes in 2015.

Top 3 Richmond Avenue Intersections To Avoid

Richmond Ave. & Richmond Hill Rd. (48 accidents)

Richmond Ave. & Platinum Ave. (39 accidents)

Richmond Ave. & Forest Hill Rd. (37 accidents)

While you don’t have to avoid Hylan Blvd. and Richmond Ave. entirely, considering alternative routes will prevent you from becoming the next fatality on the Boulevard of Death. Check your GPS directions ahead of time and plan your trip accordingly. Staten is hoping to reduce road accidents by further implementing the city’s Vision Zero plan.

Vision Zero is a citywide effort to reduce traffic accidents by increasing public advertising, redesigning problematic streets, and tightening safety legislation. So far Vision Zero has brought about a sizable reduction in accidents the early phases of the plan implementation. Citywide accident related fatalities decreased from 258 in 2014 to 233 in 2015. Hopefully, increased focus on road safety will make Hylan and Richmond safer roads to travel on in the near future.

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