The Bronx’s Ten Most Dangerous Intersections for Pedestrians and Cyclists

The latest vehicle accident numbers have been released for the Bronx in 2016. The good news is that injuries and fatalities have been steadily decreasing since 2014. The decrease can likely be attributed to New York’s Vision Zero initiative; a project aimed at reducing vehicle related injuries to zero. The steady decline in motor vehicle related injuries is a welcome cause for celebration. However, the Bronx has a long way to go before reaching the ultimate vision of a borough with zero injuries.

In total, there were 1,098  pedestrian injuries, 10 pedestrian deaths, 240 bicycle injuries, and one cyclist death; summing up to 1,338 injuries and 11 deaths in 2016. This year’s numbers are a steep reduction from 1,735 injuries and 14 deaths in 2015, and 1,861 injuries and 11 deaths in 2014. Nonetheless, that is no reason to let your guard down. Several intersections within the Bronx have a higher level of inherent danger than others for pedestrians and cyclists alike. The following ten intersections should be crossed with extreme caution.

The Worst Intersections To Walk Through

1) Saint Anns Avenue & East 138th Street | 6 Injuries

Just a block from the second most dangerous intersection for cyclists lies the most dangerous intersection for pedestrians. The junction of Saint Anns Avenue and East 138th Street was the location of six pedestrian injuries in 2016.

2) Park Avenue & East 168th Street | 6 Injuries

The intersection of Park Avenue an East 168th Street lies in the heart of the Bronx. Last year a total of 6 pedestrians were injured at the intersection. Garrett Morgan elementary school is located off of Park Avenue and East 168th Street. One could only hope that no children were injured crossing the street. Nevertheless, it’s all the more reason to make sure the intersection remains safe for pedestrians.

3) East 174th Street & Morris Avenue | 6 Injuries

East 174th Street and Morris Avenue ranks as the third most dangerous intersection in the Bronx. All together, there were six pedestrian injuries in 2016.

4) West Burnside Avenue & Grand Avenue | 5 Injuries

West Burnside Avenue & Grand Avenue follows East 174th Street and Morris Avenue as the 4th most dangerous intersection for pedestrians in the Bronx. Last year, a total of five pedestrians were injured at the junction.


5) White Plains Road & Story Avenue | 5 Injuries

The intersection of White Plains Road and Story Avenue sits on the outskirts of Soundview on the east side of the Bronx. The shops at Bruckner Boulevard lie off of White Plains & Story Avenue, making the intersection a large commercial hub. In total, five pedestrians were injured at the crossroads of White Plains Road and Story Avenue.

The Worst Intersections To Bike Through

1) East 135th Street & Willis Avenue | 7 Injuries

The intersection of 135th Street and Willis Avenue was named one of the most dangerous intersections of 2015 in terms of total accidents. It should come as no surprise that it was the number one most dangerous intersection for cyclists this year. While Willis Avenue contains a bike lane north of the intersection, there is no bike lane south of the intersection and 135th Street is void of a lane as well. This issue is likely one that should be remedied this year.

2) East 138th Street & Brook Avenue | 5 Injuries

Located towards the east side of the Mott Haven neighborhood, East 138th Street and Brook Avenue falls in line as the second most dangerous intersection for cyclists in the Bronx. The intersection was the site of five injuries last year.

3) Grant Highway & University Avenue | 4 Injuries

A cyclist may have no place on the highway, but Grant Highway connects to University Avenue. As a road that extends from Highbridge to Jerome Park, University Avenue is a major transportation artery in the borough. A cyclist should be able to ride University Avenue without having to worry about incoming traffic from Grant Highway. Yet, four cyclist injuries were recorded at the intersection of Grant Highway and University Avenue last year.

4) Westchester Avenue & Simpson Street | 3 Injuries

Located on the east side of the Bronx in Foxhurst, the intersection of Westchester Avenue and Simpson Street lies just off of the Simpson subway stop. The small road widths and lack of dedicated bike lanes provide the perfect combination for a bike accident. Surely enough, a total of three cyclists were injured on the intersection last year.

5) Tiffany Street & Bruckner Boulevard | 3 Injuries

Bruckner Boulevard may have a dedicated bike lane, but Tiffany Street does not. The intersection where the two roads meet was the site of three cyclist injuries last year.

Ride and Walk With Caution

While the aforementioned intersections appear to carry a higher level of inherent danger than many of the intersections in the Bronx, an accident can still occur anywhere at anytime. Remain vigilant while commuting throughout the Bronx and cross with additional caution at the intersections listed above.

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