2017 NYC Born and Raised Scholarship Winner Announced

2017 NYC Born and Raised Scholarship Winner Announced

Ivan Diamond Bronx Personal Injury Attorney are excited to announce Kiana Jackson as this year’s winner of our annual NYC Born and Raised Scholarship. Ms. Jackson, a recent graduate of New Explorations into Science, Technology and Math (NEST+M), will be awarded $2,500, which will go toward her tuition at Cornell University in Ithaca, New York.

About the NYC Born and Raised Scholarship

Attorney Ivan Diamond awards this scholarship annually to one high school senior in New York that demonstrates New York’s values of integrity, courage, and perseverance. The scholarship is awarded to a student who was born and grew up in New York City and plans to attend college in the city as well. This $2,500 scholarship payment will be made directly to the recipient's school and is to be used for tuition and other educational expenses.

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Mr. Diamond was born in Brooklyn, raised in Manhattan, and went on to Brooklyn Law School and currently practices plaintiffs’ personal injury and medical malpractice law in all five boroughs with his office based in the Bronx. He demonstrates these New York values every day, as he helps people who have been injured due to the negligence of others. Because Mr. Diamond is proud of his New York heritage and the hard work it took him to succeed and accomplish his goals, he continues to reward students who show the same qualities.

About Kiana Jackson

Ms. Jackson has already accomplished so many things in her life at such a young age. We get excited when students show they value their academics. Since her freshman year, Ms. Jackson continued to keep her cumulative grade average above an 85%. She ended her high school career with an average of 93.93%, which is no easy feat for a high school student involved in extracurricular activities and maintaining a healthy social life.

Ms. Jackson’s high school awards and highlights include: her acceptance into the National Honor Society from 2015-2017, winning the 2017 YMCA BAI Scholarship, and participating in the 2016 ESA Video Game Fellowship. With achievements like these, it is apparent that Kiana takes her schoolwork seriously, she has passions that lie elsewhere.

Kiana grew up in Harlem, calling it “the hidden gem of Manhattan.” She loves her neighborhood and the fact that it is enriched with African-American culture and customs. Ms. Jackson is grateful to live in a place that gives her a sense of belonging and familiarity. Although Harlem will always be her home, she does believe that her community needs a change.

Ms. Jackson is proud to be from Harlem, but she can’t shake the fact that her neighborhood is becoming increasingly gentrified and unkempt. As more and more people continue to litter, Kiana comes up with more ways to keep the neighborhood clean. She suggests a community park cleanup and litter sweeps, and then would reward participating members as an incentive.

Kiana’s Future

Kiana will be attending Cornell University in Fall 2017. She plans on getting her B.A. in Animal Science, attaining her M.A. in the same field, and then pursuing her passion of becoming a veterinarian. Not only does Ms. Jackson care for her community, but she cares for animals as well. After an internship at the Gotham Veterinary Center, Kiania realized her passions lie with caring for animals.

She even felt inclined to develop her own app, Dog House, which helps people find their lost dogs in Harlem. After winning an ESA Video Game Fellowship grant, Ms. Jackson wishes to continue working on her app in order to create a function in which people can locate local veterinary hospitals. Kiana believes this app would be effective for any pet enthusiast, concerned pet owner with questions, or animal care worker.

Ivan Diamond Bronx Personal Injury Attorney hopes that this scholarship will assist Ms. Jackson in her studies at Cornell University and pursuit to be a veterinarian.

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If you want to recover the maximum compensation that you deserve, you need an experienced personal injury attorney like Ivan Diamond on your side.

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