Bronx Child Injury Attorney

Bronx Child Injury Attorneys

A child suffering from severe injuries as a result of a preventable accident is every parent’s worst nightmare. The grief and anger can be overwhelming. Of course, the priority right after an accident is to set the child on the path to physical and mental recovery. However, many parents lack the financial means to access the care their child needs. They may also be suffering from the trauma and distress that often accompanies tragic events like these.

Parents in the Bronx should know that if their child suffers a debilitating injury because of someone else’s wrongdoing, they may be entitled to compensation. An experienced Bronx child injury lawyer from the Law Office of Ivan M Diamond could inform them of their rights, provide them with options, and craft a legal strategy to pursue the proper relief for their child and themselves.

A Child Injury Lawyer Can Hold Wrongdoers Accountable

Child injuries happen far too often in New York City and around the country, causing unimaginable hardship and suffering for children and their families.

Based on data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), amongst people 0-19 years of age, nearly 12,000 children died from unintentional injuries, and emergency departments treated more than 9.2 million more for non-fatal injuries. According to Stanford Children’s Health, the leading causes of childhood injuries are burns, drowning, falls, poisoning, and traffic accidents.

According to, in New York City, injuries and poisoning are the seventh leading cause of hospitalizations amongst children one to four years of age, the fourth leading cause for children five to nine years old, and the fifth leading cause for children between 10 and 14 years old.

Even though no child should have to suffer, child injuries are an unavoidable reality of the world we live in. The pain and suffering caused to the child and their families can be intense, not to mention the towering hospital bills that could come with treatment and recovery. To make the situation more difficult, those responsible often shirk responsibility for their wrongdoing.

Ivan M. Diamond believes that any person or company, no matter how powerful, should be held accountable for wrongfully injuring a child. Accountability brings relief to struggling families and leads to a safer, more just society.

Who Can Be Liable?

This varies on a case-by-case basis. Some cases may involve only one negligent party, while other cases may comprise five or six defendants. An individual, large corporation, government entity, or a combination of the three, may owe you compensation.

To put it simply, to sue a person or entity for a child injury, their actions must have caused the accident in some way. The driver of a car that runs a stop sign is one example. However, identifying wrongful parties could become far more complicated. For instance, if a hazard in the road caused the injury, you might hold the government entity responsible for cleaning the roads responsible or, if a private company caused the hazard, that company might also have exposure.

An experienced Bronx child injury attorney will have enough acumen and resources to conduct a thorough investigation into the matter. This helps to ensure that you list each responsible party as a defendant. It might also increase the value of the case, as a general matter.

Damages: How Victims Are Compensated

If a child injury lawsuit is successful, the court would often grant the victim damages. Damages are a monetary award to help compensate the victim for their injuries. In legal parlance, they intend to make the injured party whole again. This means that they try to return him or her to the state he or she enjoyed before the accident.

It can be difficult to predict the value of damages that a court may grant a successful plaintiff. However, a savvy attorney could get a better estimate by looking at a few different factors that a court is likely to consider.

Courts generally determine damages based on:

  • Pain and suffering: This includes the pain and suffering that occurred at the time of injury as well as the physical and mental anguish the injured person expects to endure going forward. For example, certain spinal cord injuries never truly heal and may cause the injured person discomfort for the rest of their life. Emotional distress is also relevant in this calculation.
  • Hospital bills: Serious child injuries can cause financial strain to the victim and their family. Treatment and care could cost tens of thousands of dollars, and sometimes much more.
  • Property loss: If the accident damaged or destroyed your property, the court could compensate you based on the value of the property in question.
  • The cost of living with a permanent disability: Unfortunately, many victims of child injuries will never fully recover back to normal. They might require special equipment, architectural modifications, or a special living facility. Caring for a child with permanent disabilities may be beyond the means of the victim’s family. Damages may provide the injured parties the care they will need going forward.
  • Loss of enjoyment of life: It is an ugly reality that many children cannot engage in normal childhood activities after their accidents. The child may never participate in sports, dance, swimming, and other forms of physical recreation ever again.

Ivan M. Diamond Is Committed to Getting Relief for Injured Children

For a parent, there is nothing more heart-wrenching than watching your child suffer. In instances where your child endured easily preventable suffering as the product of negligence, you may be searching for answers moving forward. You do not have to be alone in this fight.

Ivan M. Diamond has dedicated his career to vindicating the rights of the wrongfully injured. He understands that your first priority is ensuring that your child and your family obtain relief. He also understands that not all cases are the same, and that not every client seeks the same results. This is why he seeks to build meaningful relationships with his clients and makes an effort to better understand their needs and objectives.

If your child was wrongfully injured, contact the personal injury lawyers from Law Office of Ivan M. Diamond today at (718) 588-2000 to set up a free, no-obligation initial consultation.