The Most Dangerous Manhattan Intersections For Bikers & Pedestrians

lower-manhattanManhattan accident data for 2016 has just been released and the numbers show serious promise in the city’s Vision Zero crusade. It would appear that the campaign aimed at reducing the number of vehicle related injuries to zero has significantly reduced injuries in the past two years.

In total, there were 1,736 pedestrian injuries, 17 pedestrian deaths, 818 cyclist injuries, and 3 cyclist deaths resulting in 2,554 injuries and 20 deaths in 2016. Those numbers are down from 3,476 injuries and 19 deaths in 2015 and 3,740 injuries and 30 deaths in 2014. While the progress made by Vision Zero is commendable, we still have a long way to go before reaching the vision of zero vehicle related injuries. In fact, several intersections within Manhattan remain a clear danger for pedestrians and cyclists. It would be in your best interest to remain alert while crossing the following ten intersections.

The Worst Intersections To Walk Through

1) West 25th Street & Amsterdam Avenue | 10 Injuries

The intersection of West 25th Street and Amsterdam Avenue ranks as the number one most dangerous intersection for pedestrians in Manhattan. Last year a total of 10 pedestrians were injured at the crossing. With four lanes of heavy traffic, those traveling by foot should be cautious crossing Amsterdam Avenue. It just so happens that the Avenues grade school is located on the intersection. Hopefully no children were injured at the crosswalks. All the more reason for commuters to remain alert at this intersection.

2) West 42nd Street & 8th Avenue | 7 Injuries

Located on the outskirts of Times Square, West 42nd Street and 8th Avenue lies in the heart of Manhattan. This intersection understandably receives a large amount of foot traffic. However, that’s no excuse for a large number of injuries. In 2016, seven pedestrians were injured crossing West 42nd Street and 8th Avenue.

3) East 125th Street & Lexington Avenue | 6 Injuries

The intersection of East 125th Street and Lexington Avenue was named one of the most dangerous intersections of 2015. It should come as no surprise that it ranks in the top five for 2016. In total, six pedestrians were injured at the crossing last year. This intersection may require some extra care on the part of transportation officials.

4) East 96th Street & Lexington Avenue | 6 Injuries

Travel 29 blocks south of third most dangerous intersection for pedestrians and you’ll find the fourth most dangerous intersection. Six pedestrians were injured at the junction of East 96th Street and Lexington Avenue last year.

5) Broadway & West 96th Street | 6 Injuries

Last, but not least, is Broadway and West 96th Street. The crosswalk sits just north of the 96th Street subway stop. A total of six pedestrians were injured last year crossing 96th and Broadway.

The Worst Intersections To Bike Through

1) West Street & Albany Street | 5 Injuries

The junction of West Street and Albany Street is located just one block from the World Trade Center Memorial. As an intersection on the West Side Highway,  West Street and Albany Street receives a hefty amount of daily traffic. The amount of traffic alone makes the intersection a danger for cyclists, but lack of a dedicated bike lane on Albany Street does not help matters. Last year a total of five cyclists were injured at the intersection.

2) West 36th Street & 7th Avenue | 5 Injuries

The crossroads of West 36th Street and 7th Avenue ranks as the second most dangerous intersection in Manhattan. In total, there were five cyclist injuries at the location in 2016.

3) West 23rd Street & 7th Avenue | 5 Injuries

Yet another intersection off of 7th Avenue just 13 blocks south of West 36th Street, West 23rd and & 7th falls in line as the third most dangerous intersection. West 23rd Street has incorporated bus only lanes within the last 3 years; an improvement which is great for those relying on public transit. However, some of that road space may have been more effectively utilized for bikers which appear to be suffering at the intersection of 23rd and 7th. Last year five cyclists were injured at the crossing.

4) Transverse Road & Number Four West Drive | 4 Injuries

Being that Transverse Road and Number Four West Drive never truly connect, our guess is that this intersection is used for labeling purposes to label accidents that have occurred in the nearby vicinity. In 2016 four cyclists were injured in the area.  What’s troubling is that Four West is located within Central Park. The road has very distinct lanes for biking and jogging along with a 25 mph speed limit. Cyclist injuries on Four West are very troubling.

5) Chambers Street & West Street | 4 Injuries

Chambers & West is the second intersection on West Street to make the list of most dangerous intersections. Last year four cyclists were injured at the intersection. Being that West Street has a separate bike path, injuries were likely sustained crossing West Street from Chambers. It may take more time and effort, but it’s likely worth it to walk your bike over the Tribeca Bridge rather than riding across West Street.

Bike and Walk With Caution

The intersections listed above may carry a higher level of inherent danger than most, but it’s important to remember that an accident can occur anywhere at anytime. Always remain alert while commuting throughout Manhattan and exercise extreme caution when crossing any of the aforementioned intersections.